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The electric shared bike from Cargoroo is the alternative to the car in the city. You can find it in various neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Arnhem and Nijmegen. But you can also encounter a Cargoroo cargo bike across the border in Leuven, Mechelen and soon in Manchester.

Cycling with Cargoroo is easy, you can easily register & sign up. Then you choose your cargo bike. Reserve or start immediately. Open the lock and ride! All in the app, and of course you only pay as long as you use the cargo bike. And not a minute longer.

Started in The Hague in 2019, the company grew from 70 to 400 shared bicycles in 2021.

Realize an inventory system on the go

The five-fold growth in the number of new customers and cargo bikes poses new challenges. In addition to the logistical challenge of rolling out and managing a large number of new cargo bikes, keeping an overview is also important.

An inventory system shows Cargoroo employees quickly and easily the status of each bike, but also of the batteries. This way, adjustments can be made quickly. Because the rollout of new cargo bikes and batteries is already underway, a solution must be found quickly for the inventory system.

Battery Inventory System app in the air at lightning speed

Whether we can realize a solution before Friday? That is a great challenge! On Wednesday morning, the project will start with a shortened version of the Design Sprint and within an hour, all the details of the project will be defined: the purpose, the operation and the most important business objects

In the OutSystems Within one day, the platform will create a Proof of Concept that was set up by 2 Quatronic consultants. At the end of Wednesday afternoon, all details and wishes will be further developed in consultation with the customer. Based on the feedback, the product will be further developed and the product will be ready for delivery on Thursday afternoon. On Friday morning, the product was already taken into use by Cargoroo.

A mobile and web app with real-time insight

The delivery consists of two parts: an app for smartphones that can scan the QR codes on bicycles and batteries and an inventory management app where managers can view battery changes and inventory in an online environment. The functionality to export data for data analyses, among other things, is also delivered immediately.

With both apps, Cargoroo can monitor a better overview of all its bicycles and associated batteries. And it is possible to find out at a glance which battery is missing when it is detected theft and employees who replace batteries can now do their job with the greatest of ease (and their own smartphone): scan batteries and bicycles to keep track of changes.

This is the power of low-code: from idea to realization in the workplace within 3 working days.

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