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Becoming an all-round professional

At Quatronic you are not just a developer. And not just any consultant either. You are involved in all aspects of challenging IT projects. That is why we think it is important that our people do not just excel in developing applications. But also in project management and general consultancy skills.

We want people who are ambitious and engaged. People who are confident enough to challenge our customers. Consultants who dare to ask the right questions, because only then we can discover what the real challenge is. And whose technical skills result in the most beautiful solutions.

That is why both professional and personal development are of great importance to us. As a junior at Quatronic you always start with a well-thought-out training program.

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This is how we do it at Quatronic

Our two year training program structurally contributes to your development. What do those two years look like?

Year 1: Basic skills

In the first year, we focus on technical skills and consultancy. We teach you to build secure, correct and good-looking IT solutions. And we will help you develop essential consulting skills.

Year 2: Further development

In the second year, you will go in-depth with advanced development skills. In addition, you will work on your personal talent development.

The program is dynamic and is continuously adapted to your and Quatronic's needs. All to get the most out of the training program!

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