Let's build an application together!

Dinner and Development

17:00 - 21:00
Quatronic HQ - John M. Keynesplein 12, Amsterdam
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Ever had a brilliant idea to solve a big hairy audacious challenge but couldn’t turn it into a reality? Then you might be who we’re looking for. The world needs problem solvers. Not people who only dream up ideas. But people who turn them into reality. That’s exactly what we do at Quatronic. We’ve built a business by finding smart, creative, analytical thinkers and teaching them to turn their ideas into reality using low-code tools. If you’d like to discover how you can rapidly create real-world change, then this event is for you.

Together with 14 others you’ll get the opportunity to find out what we do. We will build an application together and tell you how life at Quatronic is!

You’ll be presented with a real-world case faced by one of our current clients and with the help of our in-house experts, you’ll ideate solutions and build a prototype.

Afterwards we will enjoy dinner together and have a talk while enjoying a drink (of your own choice).

Are you an analytical thinker and do you have a technical background? Are you studying currently or did you just finish your Masters? Or are you just curious and want to find out what we do? Then sign up! We are looking forward to meet you! We will provide you with more information in your mailbox asap!


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