'The positive mentality here is in line with who I am'

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Fieke Thijssen has been a Business Technology Consultant at Quatronic since March 2021. With her background in design engineering, Fieke has a passion for designing digital products and a keen eye for the user experience. In this blog, Fieke talks about her work and why she fell for Quatronic.

Looking for a dynamic and young environment

I did my graduation internship at a municipal organization. A nice and educational experience, but after graduation, I was looking for a slightly more dynamic and younger company. I have a background in industrial design and I enjoy designing digital products. During my internship, I had already become acquainted with low-code. What makes me very happy is that you can create and test a solution very quickly with low-code. I can really put my creativity into that. Add together dynamic, young and low-code, and it's no wonder I came across Quatronic.

A little better every day

Right at the first round of interviews, I was enthusiastic about the people and the atmosphere at Quatronic. The click was apparently mutual, because things were in order after the second conversation. The accessibility of the people and the pleasant atmosphere here make me feel completely at ease. There is a positive energy here. The people here like to roll up their sleeves and are always enthusiastic about new challenges. The team's positive mentality matches my own personality perfectly. In the low-code development method, I can completely lose my eggs. At the end of each day, it's really nice to see how a solution has become a little better.

Lots of variety

My passion is frontend development. Thinking about what screens should look like, how customers use the app, and whether certain steps make sense. That creates a lot of variety in my work and it's great that I can use my creativity to do that. At Quatronic, there is a lot of space to draw that more to you if you like something.


Rosa already mentioned it in her blog: we can fill in the Fridays here as we see fit. There are various teams you can join, and the opportunities are so diverse that there is something interesting for everyone to learn from. Some teams focus more on technical development, while others focus more on areas such as sales or recruitment. Others are working on developing new propositions for Quatronic. It should come as no surprise that my main interest lies in frontend development.


When I look to the future, I see myself developing even further in front end design. As a consultant, I am now closely involved in identifying customer demand and figuring out how to build the best possible product around it. I would like to expand that role further in order to eventually be more cross-project, where my front-end expertise still plays an essential role.

Close-knit group

Outside of work, we also do a lot together. Last year, for example, we cycled the Amstel Gold Race, together with eight colleagues, covering 150 km through the hills of Limburg. A tough but super fun experience. Prior to the event, we also trained together about three times. In addition, we all go on winter sports for four days every year; last year it was to Kitzb├╝hel. Last June, we took a lustrum trip to Prague to celebrate our fifth anniversary. That social aspect makes working at Quatronic even more fun, my colleagues are more than just colleagues, we really are a close-knit group.

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