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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. You've all heard of it, but you have no idea what to do with it and, if so, what to do with it. In this blog, Frank Grooten, partner at Quatronic, calls for just starting from the beginning. If you want to grow your business, first lay a good foundation. That crap, it'll come later. Or not...

A hype is nice, but start with your goal

Every time a new technology comes up, many organizations don't know how quickly to get started with it. When augmented reality arrived in the late twentieth century, many companies immediately jumped on that AR train without any idea of their destination. Teams were set up that were fully dedicated to taking advantage of the possibilities of AR. Whether they ever benefited from it commercially or whether it was implemented at all, I dare to doubt. Instead of going headlong with a specific technology, it's important to first clarify your goals. For example, if you want to bring data from different systems together and make it easily accessible, you don't need augmented reality or any other fancy technology.

The power of good data

We see this phenomenon every time a new technology emerges. Before you start working with something like artificial intelligence or machine learning, you first need to have the basics in order. It is not without reason that garbage in, garbage out is a winged statement. That was true with the very first computer, but that is still the case with all of today's smart technologies. If you put worthless data into something, don't be surprised if you get lousy conclusions back. Many organizations struggle with bringing data from different systems together in different formats. Then first start by neatly structuring your data and making it accessible. Only then can smart analytics solutions such as AI or machine learning add value. By the way, the same also applies to less exciting but equally important business intelligence (BI) reports and analyses.

Gradually growing into adulthood

There are multiple layers of technological maturity that a company can be in. Many entrepreneurs want to reach the highest level of maturity in no time. But is that also the smartest way to reach your ultimate goal? Sometimes it is better to go through the growth process very carefully and step by step. Our team helps organizations define their goals and determine the right steps to get there. This does not mean that you should immediately embrace all kinds of exciting technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Start by building a solid foundation.

First data, then analytics

At Quatronic, we work with OutSystems to build robust applications that ensure good data availability and uniformity. In addition, we focus on Microsoft Azure Synapse and Power BI to bring data together and analyze it. Many companies work with different systems and need to bring data together for better insights. We do this by first making data available in a uniform and accessible way. Then we run all kinds of analyses on that. The term “data analytics” isn't just two words, it's also two different steps in the process. With our expertise in data integration, data analysis and low-code application development, we help you get your data together, make it transparent and generate the right reports. This way, you can start making data-driven decisions and thus continue to grow your business. Without unnecessary fuss.


Do you also want to be able to make use of Quatronic's collective memory and are you curious about how low-code can transform your organization and what we can do for you? Please contact me at email or give me a call on 06 48 28 46 70.

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