More Digital, Less Waste

The Future of Waste Management

9:30 - 13:00
OutSystems, Groenewoudsedijk 61, Utrecht

The waste management sector is witnessing a major transition: from waste to raw materials. In this dynamic market, companies need modern software for effective data processing. Unfortunately, many software solutions are dated, which hinders innovation. Time for change!

Why now?

  • Growing need for more sustainable ambitions and circularity.
  • Traditional activities are expanding with new services, such as enforcement and recycling points.
  • Existing software no longer meets current requirements.

On Thursday, November 9 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, OutSystems (in collaboration with Aspect ICT and Quatronic) is organizing a round table at OutSystems in Utrecht. We delve deeper into the challenges facing the waste management sector and explore how modern technologies can play a crucial role in the transition from waste to raw materials.

During this meeting we will not only share ideas and practical examples, but we will also have an IT manager present who will share his insights. Together with other industry professionals, we explore solutions that provide new technologies to modernize the sector and drive innovation.

We also provide a healthy lunch and an opportunity to work together towards a sustainable future.

Limited places available. Register quickly through the link in the info box and be part of the future of waste management!


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